Sangha with Kalu Rinpoche

Becoming a member of Karma Gyurmed Ling

Member support of Karma Gyurmed Ling does so much. Through the generosity of members of Karma Gyurmed Ling, the Dharma Center becomes a place of refuge, teaching, and sangha cooperation.

Membership dues help to pay for the maintenance of the Dharma Center, including utilities and insurance, plus daily offerings for the altar of candles, flowers, incense, altar lights, and other offerings.

In addition, Karma Gurmed Ling supports our visiting teachers when they make the journey to teach us the dharma.

Most important of all, membership support enables our Lamas to continue to spread the precious Dharma to all beings who wish to receive its blessings.

Other membership benefits include:
  • 20% discounts on Special Teachings
  • Opportunities to join in special dinner with visiting teachers

Membership fees and donations are tax-deductible. Individual membership is $60 annually or $5 per month. Membership as Benefactor is $108 annually.

To become a member you can click here to do it online

Or click here to download the printable membership form and mail along with your check to KGL Buddhist Center, 813 N. Pershing St., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

Also, you may drop off your membership form with your cash or check payment in the donation box at the Dharma Center.

Alternatively, always feel free to speak to our Treasurer, Jan Born, in person to make any special arrangements.